When you experience unexpected, sudden and stressful events, you react to them. Your reaction are normal reactions to an abnormal event.

There are 2 types of unexpected, stressful, traumatic experiences:

  1. Stressful experiences that involve physical threats:
    1. Accidents (car crashes, surgeries, explosions, etc)
    2. War, terrorism, torture, genocide, etc
    3. Earthquakes, flods, etc
    4. Harrassment, rape, abuse
  2. Stressful experiences that involve emotional threats:
    1. Neglect
    2. Abuse
    3. Abandonment
    4. Exclusion
    5. Humiliation
    6. Failure, etc

Here are some of the stress reactions you may have after a traumatic experience:

  • Inturisive, unwanted thoughts or visions of the event
  • Recurrent dreams about the event
  • Flashbacks
  • Feeling disturbed or stressed when recalling the event
  • Physical reactions such as nausea, sweat, trembling, pulpitation when recalling the event
  • Avoidance of distressing memories, thoughts, people, places
  • Not remembering a particular part of the event or having a vague, blurred memory of it
  • Very negative beliefs and perception about self or the world
  • Feelings of guilt, fear and anxiety
  • Feelings of detachment and estrangement
  • Loss of positive emotions such as joy, hope, satisfaction, love etc.

Psychological help for traumatic experiences is crucial.

  • It helps with the very disturbing level of stress. This eventually helps going back to previous self and functionality.
  • It focuses on the past to help heal the psychological wounds. But it also focuses on the present and future to be able to make meaning of life again and build a meaningful narrative.
  • It provides support which helps you deal with the pain and recover from it.

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